Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Posts with sold items have been deleted for easy viewing ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


( 1 zipper compartment inside )

price: Rm30
status: available :)

shoes. Omg shoes.


Buckled peep-toe Jelly flats

our first edition of shoes ! =D

size: 6 //37
condition: 6/10.
price: Rm30
status: available :)

Buckled peep-toe Jelly flats
size: 6 // 37
condition: 10/10. never worn. sorry my bad :(
price: Rm20
status: available :)

all suuuuperrrr steal =D grab em' now !

let's get sum shoes~

hey babes,

soo sorry guys for the awful messiness of my room in the pictures ! :( haven't got the time to tidy up my room yet.

And reminder: Clothes will always be rewashed for hygiene purposes so you don't have to worry about cleanliness issues.

Other than that, if there are defects that we do not include pictures of in our posts, please do tell us as we ourselves might have not noticed them.

thank you! =)

Roxy love


(unremovable tiny stains on back sleeve but not really noticeable if worn.)

Worn occasionally but not anymore :) even though there are slight defects, it's still cute bah. hehe :] any Roxy jacket lovers out there? ;)

size: free :D
brand: Roxy
price: Rm15 *steall.*
status: available :)

Plaid shorts

Roxy-esqued plaid shorts! =D selling it off cause it's not my cuppa anymore.
mail us for more pics ;)

size: tagged L, but is more suitable for sizes S-M
price: Rm15 *effin' steeeeal!*
status: available :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bohemian dress

reversible; you can wear it either way. would still look fantaboulous :)
wear it with a cincher or a long chunky necklace. selling this piece off cause not my cuppa anymore;
8/10 condition :)

size: freesize, but suits Uk6-Uk10 best
price: Rm25
status: available :)

Ex Gal

wore this out only thrice. that was when i didn't gain so much weight >:[
practically still in mint condition! :)

Price: Rm25
size: tagged M, but suits S better.
brand: Extreme
status: available :)


7/10 condition. :)

size: S-M
price: Rm15
status: available :)

stripey love

(yes, it is smocked at the front; BOOBIE HIGHLIGHT ALERT! XD )

worn a few times. but condition is good :) selling cause i need cash !

size: S
price: RM10
brand: Redhead ( forgot to take tag pic)
status: available :)


keep yer undies on :)
more pre-loved coming soon !
zevintagegaragecrew :)